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Good morning, I can't stay asleep today, so I thought I would post!

Currently I am trying to catch up on the monthly dishcloth KAL, I am in the middle of the Mid July 2010 cloth, then all I have left to finish is the July 2010 and both August cloths and I am caught up!

Yesterday one of my friends from MI came to visit and we went to Kings Island in Cincinnati.  This was the first time any of us had been there!  Kings Island is home to the worlds longest wooden rollercoaster - The Beast, which clocks in at a nice 4 minute long ride.  We had a great time, I definitely screamed alot on the rollercoasters.  What can I say, I like them, but they scare me!

My parents are coming to help us move into the new house next weekend.  They are bringing all our furniture and whatever else I have left in their house that wouldn't fit in our apartment.  I am so excited to be actually living in our house.  I am not excited however to have to finish packing and moving everything out of the apartment.  It is amazing how much crap you can collect in a year.  My local freecycle group is going to be very very happy with me once I go through everything and find out how much I want to get rid of!

We still have a few big purchases to make, mainly a lawnmower and a grill.  The grill can wait, but unless we borrow one or hire a neighbor kid, the lawnmower can not.  I have been looking on the bulletin board at work and in garage sales for a decent lawnmower, but nothing has popped up.  Its a big ticket item, so its not something I feel comfortable asking for on freecycle either.  Oh well, I will have to keep looking is all!

Thats all for today,  see you soon!

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