snow day! 

we had a snow day this past wednesday, which was awesome!  Full of cheap beer and knitting.

I also finally learned how to CROCHET finally!  I am now making a double crochet blanket to use up a ton of stash yarn.  All that red heart light and lofty is finally going to get used up!  I might have enough for two small blankets even!  I think that I am going to like crocheting blankets better than knitting them, it is easier for me to work one stitch at a time rather than having that many on the needle at once.

I finished another hat for Caps for a Cure, and started another one made of yarn bee frosting yarn.  It looks like a muppet, but I think its cute!  I made a pair of slipper socks out of a variegated colorway awhile ago, and wear them alot.

What are you knitting?



Still knitting hats. 

I also just finished a dishcloth.  I have gotten farther on the boy's Doctor Who Scarf  :)   Hope he likes it!

I really need to work on my yarn stash, I just counted it and it is OUT OF CONTROL!  LOL

so back to knitting!