Soooo.... I have been busy!

I am knitting hats for caps with a cure, I am trying to get at least ten done before I mail them to CA, three down - 7 to go! I think I may need to find a group closer to home though...

Ever wished something was wrong, only because it would explain so much more? I have been having terrible migraines again, and so had to have a CAT scan last week. I finally got a letter in the mail from my doctor yesterday, only had four words - "CT SCAN BRAIN NORMAL". This is good, because it means no tumor like I was concerned about (I went from one or two migraines a month to one or two a week at minimum!)... but it means that they still don't have an explanation for them :(.

I have been knitting up a storm lately. My biggest projects have been the shrug this! shrug, the anthropologie inspired winter caplet, and GIR - from Invader Zim. I made GIR for our friends Mike and Mo as a part of their wedding present. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of him before I gave him away!

Promise I will be back soon, maybe I can make this a daily thing? If any of you people out there in the interwebs are reading this, leave me a comment!

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