Needle Cases!

That is what I am in search of today, LOL.  I think that Fiance and I are going to go to the dollar store and look for some sort of utensil holder, that should work! I thought about using coffee cans, but my long needles are too tall for that I think!

Last night we went to a Columbus Blue Jackets game with some friends from work.  It was a lot of fun!  I always forget how much I enjoy hockey games!  Imagine my surprise when a friend I hadn't seen in a long time ended up being out of the ice for a go kart race for a prize! 

This was a short post, but we have lots to do today!  I will be back again soon...


tonight my heart is with Powerman5000.

They are playing a show tonight in Cleveland and tomorrow in Flint @ the machine shop.

Both shows are destined to be EPIC but alas were not in the cards for tonight, due to work and exhaustion. 


We are going to see "The Hangover" tonight at the dollar movies!  I can't wait!

Then on sunday, we may go see Christopher Titus at the Columbus FunnyBone
should be a good weekend!

No knitting lately, been exhausted from work, but alot planned for this weekend!


GRRRR... Angry Kimie SMASH!!!

unfortunately I am mad because I am a STUPID HEAD and locked my keys in my car...

so much for leaving work early today! Luckily though, the nice nice police officer of the Marysville police department was able to get my keys out!

Knitting news... I am halfway done with my "unoriginal" hat! Can't wait! I also get to wear my pidge-podge (neck warmer thingy) because it is flippin cold!!!

Any news with you?


Soooo.... I have been busy!

I am knitting hats for caps with a cure, I am trying to get at least ten done before I mail them to CA, three down - 7 to go! I think I may need to find a group closer to home though...

Ever wished something was wrong, only because it would explain so much more? I have been having terrible migraines again, and so had to have a CAT scan last week. I finally got a letter in the mail from my doctor yesterday, only had four words - "CT SCAN BRAIN NORMAL". This is good, because it means no tumor like I was concerned about (I went from one or two migraines a month to one or two a week at minimum!)... but it means that they still don't have an explanation for them :(.

I have been knitting up a storm lately. My biggest projects have been the shrug this! shrug, the anthropologie inspired winter caplet, and GIR - from Invader Zim. I made GIR for our friends Mike and Mo as a part of their wedding present. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of him before I gave him away!

Promise I will be back soon, maybe I can make this a daily thing? If any of you people out there in the interwebs are reading this, leave me a comment!


Can you believe it's almost labor day already?

I have been wedding planning galore, but still don't have much to show for it... My mom is coming down this weekend to help me find a dress though, so that is one thing taken care of!

I am excited but dreading it all at the same time. I'm not very good at this girly stuff....

here is for hoping!


SO i'm all moved into my new apartment. School starts up in a week or two and for the first time I am no going back. God that feels weird. I have the itch to move since its been three months but at the same time its nice night to have to leave again.

My thesis is just about done, just need to have Dad print my final copies and forms for me and mail them off to Kettering (since hand delivering is not allowed apparently). Finally, I can't believe I finally finished it!

My apartment is starting to look like a real place now, I love it!

Work is going ok, still getting the hang of things.

The fourth (Well the third) was pretty awesome, went up to Indian Lake and hung out with some friends, had a great time!

Talk to you all soon,



So school is almost over, how did that happen? Craziness. This is my last term, I can and cannot wait for school to be over...

now just to write that thesis!

Also be looking for me in the columbus area starting in april, im moving there!


Moving back to school friday
new job
so many changes!