sometimes what you need is to feel safe
sometimes there is only one person who makes you feel like that

i want to feel safe...

on another note, only 4 more days until this term is done. two classes tomorrow (actually later today since it is two am)... two tests and an in-class writing assignment and i am done with classes. then reading day, three thursday exams, and two friday exams... then i get to move home that night... argh

its going to be a busy few days...

then back to work monday. I really hope i get a call about my second job. I really need one..

miss you...





so its the beginning of 8th week, and long week is wrapping up. My roommate told me the other day, that watching me was like watching a soap opera from the set... he couldn't be more right.

every time things start to straighten out, something else happens...