so its 8th week

this has definitely been a rough term...

4-5 more and i'm out though!

monster trucks and powerman 5000 weekend after next and long weekend this weekend. woo spring break!


its 5th week, i missed one.. oops! I've had alot of tests in the past week... not so much of a good thing :( this week is live in week, so all my guys are gone... but its N's birthday today, yay! I go back to the hand surgeon tomorrow, I really need to stop making 7:30 am appointments :( but hopefully after this visit, my wrist problems will be cured! last night i had the worst migraine i have ever had. I almost had to make an ER trip, but lucky i finally fell asleep and it was gone this morning... my writing has been really disjointed lately... sorry i don't have anything interesting to talk about.