so now its third week

My Carpal Tunnel Story

Back in june my doctor told me i had carpal tunnel in my right wrist. She had me wear a carpal tunnel splint. I wore the wrist brace for weeks straight, went back to the doctor after those six weeks,and then got sent to 6 weeks of occupational therapy, 3x a week. Things felt better after the therapy and I didn't go back to the doctor. Three weeks later, my carpal tunnel is back in full force, both wrists, less numbness this time around, but way more pain. Finally in december i gave up and went back to the doctor and she refered me to a hand surgeon. The first week of school i went to go see the hand surgeon. He diagnosed me with probable carpal tunnel and sent me for an EMG test. Then second week i went for the EMG, it came back normal, so no nerve damage and no carpal tunnel. Then today I had to go back to the hand surgeon yet again. He told me that i dont have carpal tunnel and he didn't know what it was. If the numbness bothers me too much i can go see a neurologist, but i don't think I'm going to do that. Turns out all my pain was because I have tendonitis in my tendons by my thumb (#11 and 12) *sigh* ... so today i got a big shot of lidocaine and cortosone. In two weeks I'll get one on the other side. and hopefully that will be then end of this slowly moving story :(


at least my ticket is getting dropped and in a week my wrist will feel better...

now its off to class!

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