so now its third week

My Carpal Tunnel Story

Back in june my doctor told me i had carpal tunnel in my right wrist. She had me wear a carpal tunnel splint. I wore the wrist brace for weeks straight, went back to the doctor after those six weeks,and then got sent to 6 weeks of occupational therapy, 3x a week. Things felt better after the therapy and I didn't go back to the doctor. Three weeks later, my carpal tunnel is back in full force, both wrists, less numbness this time around, but way more pain. Finally in december i gave up and went back to the doctor and she refered me to a hand surgeon. The first week of school i went to go see the hand surgeon. He diagnosed me with probable carpal tunnel and sent me for an EMG test. Then second week i went for the EMG, it came back normal, so no nerve damage and no carpal tunnel. Then today I had to go back to the hand surgeon yet again. He told me that i dont have carpal tunnel and he didn't know what it was. If the numbness bothers me too much i can go see a neurologist, but i don't think I'm going to do that. Turns out all my pain was because I have tendonitis in my tendons by my thumb (#11 and 12) *sigh* ... so today i got a big shot of lidocaine and cortosone. In two weeks I'll get one on the other side. and hopefully that will be then end of this slowly moving story :(


at least my ticket is getting dropped and in a week my wrist will feel better...

now its off to class!



This has been the busiest first week ever, its crazy!

I got pulled over yesterday and I got a ticket :(

my dad is going to be very very mad :(

but things are starting to look up with you know who...

but someone else wishes that I never existed and makes me very wary about going places where I might have to be social with them... ugh so much drama, I thought college was when you were supposed to leave all of this behind you?


so its that time again... I'm back at school... hanging out in 326 again.

So far this has been the busiest first week that I think I've ever had, craziness!

ski trip is this weekend (im not going) so a long weekend up at school with nothing to do :(

welcome back is next weekend I believe, but I'm not sure that I am actually going or not... have to see whats up :)

call me!