Oh! By the way, I'm back at school now.

the concert on Friday was amazing. The Hush Sound was really good, Dresden Dolls were weird with a capital R, and Panic! at the Disco was AMAZING.

Powerman is coming back in September... I'm already pumped for it!

The first week of school was uneventful, went to all my classes, bought books and a new hard drive. Apparently made a ton of money in my last paycheck which is good.

BTW, pirate party next weekend... Who's in?

been spending lots of time in the pool too.

I got my new glasses in apparently... They have prisms and transition when I go outside... Should be neat.. They also came in a few days ago, but everyone neglected to tell me..

in other news on the home front, the 'rents, my brother, and his GF are going to cedar point on Wednesday... without me :( oh well... I'll have to get the boys to go with me.

Monster Trucks at the Davisburg 4-H fair the Friday after my birthday (July 28th) I can't wait! I love monster trucks :)

wow this is kinda a long post for me..

love you guys... Call me!

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