So i am back in Flint-town, i actually had a pretty good night :). We left late from LO because of all the ice and yucky weather down there. Got everything in the apartment by 2-ish, went grocery shopping @ meijers. Mommy left around 5-ish. Ate dinner, unpacked my room, and hung out with the roomies until 7 or so. Went to the house to watch my baby unpack his room and play with my legos, heh :). Left and went back to my apartment around 9 or 9:30, ate random snacks and hung out with Nate some more. Planned on going to bed @ 11, ended up going back to the house and Rube's instead, I got to be the driver. Hung out with my baby, Glen, Pap, and an Alumni @ Rube's. Dropped everyone off and went home to my apartment and to bed.

So yah pretty fun night in all :)

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