This is hopefully going to be a great week!

Yesterday got off to a rough start, but ended up buying concert tickets for today, and spending some quality time with my guys and my boy.

I adopted a new freshie, so now i have two at kettering :-D

Going to see Fort Minor tonight with Ben, going to some irish pub thing in canada friday with Michael and some other people, Powerman 5000 on the 25th with Carson, MikeR, Ben, and some other people, Semiformal is next weekend, and might be going to see Hinder on Valentines day.

BTW, sooooo HOT right now :)


hi everybody!

i haven't updated in awhile... what have yoooou been up to? schools been going ok, kinda stressful... but ok :)

signed my lease for next year, and finally after more than two weeks have actual internet. i was going crazy there....



So i am back in Flint-town, i actually had a pretty good night :). We left late from LO because of all the ice and yucky weather down there. Got everything in the apartment by 2-ish, went grocery shopping @ meijers. Mommy left around 5-ish. Ate dinner, unpacked my room, and hung out with the roomies until 7 or so. Went to the house to watch my baby unpack his room and play with my legos, heh :). Left and went back to my apartment around 9 or 9:30, ate random snacks and hung out with Nate some more. Planned on going to bed @ 11, ended up going back to the house and Rube's instead, I got to be the driver. Hung out with my baby, Glen, Pap, and an Alumni @ Rube's. Dropped everyone off and went home to my apartment and to bed.

So yah pretty fun night in all :)


WV was fun, only 3 more days until school starts again!