what a week

i miss you guys

i need friends

call me?


gah im so annoyed that he bothers me so much...

i know he's hurt, but telling me we never should of been together.... deleting me off of everything...

there's low... and then there is low....

and he was the one who was still trying to hang out and stuff....


im so annoyed... and then im annoyed that i'm annoyed...

seriously, i mean grow up... talk to me like a person... don't do things out of spite


i've been back at work for a month now... not too bad so far...

i gave myself one hell of an asthma attack today though, that was fun :)

halloween is tomorrow, the guys are coming over and helping me pass out candy and having a horror movie marathon, yay!

i miss you all, call me, lets have some fun


This term has flown by! two more days of classes, one day off, then three days of finals then moving out...

made some friends this term, lost a few too


i have been a BAD BAD blogger..

my hamster escaped, but i caught him again :)

i'm entering him in the hamster derby next weekend, as silly as that sounds

well i'm off to make some dinner. cya all y'all later


party party party

tuesday that is

and wednesday

then monster trucks and spinny rides friday :)

come join us if you love me :)


so i'm bored...
i have nothing to do tonight..

we won't have water tomorrow, so i'm headed home

thats about all tahts going on..

miss you boys


Oh! By the way, I'm back at school now.

the concert on Friday was amazing. The Hush Sound was really good, Dresden Dolls were weird with a capital R, and Panic! at the Disco was AMAZING.

Powerman is coming back in September... I'm already pumped for it!

The first week of school was uneventful, went to all my classes, bought books and a new hard drive. Apparently made a ton of money in my last paycheck which is good.

BTW, pirate party next weekend... Who's in?

been spending lots of time in the pool too.

I got my new glasses in apparently... They have prisms and transition when I go outside... Should be neat.. They also came in a few days ago, but everyone neglected to tell me..

in other news on the home front, the 'rents, my brother, and his GF are going to cedar point on Wednesday... without me :( oh well... I'll have to get the boys to go with me.

Monster Trucks at the Davisburg 4-H fair the Friday after my birthday (July 28th) I can't wait! I love monster trucks :)

wow this is kinda a long post for me..

love you guys... Call me!


almost time for school

which means its almost my birthday too..

oh jeeze


40 days and change until its time for school again...

it can't come soon enough...

i'm counting down those days....

we've made so many plans for this upcoming school term, yet i doubt any of them will happen, especially if i plan them. things i plan never happen...

work is going well, im ready to be done though...

this was a boring three day weekend.


why can't i manage to do anything right?

everything always ends up getting screwed up one way or another


i haven't been on here in awhile...

not much to report... dentist appt today, no cavities (which is good)...

work is keeping me busy... hanging out with my guys....

only 60 some odd days until school

maybe then i'll feel better...

but whatever




work is going pretty good...

somehow i manage to hurt myself everyday though... whether its hitting my hand with a ballpeen hammer, cutting myself on sharp parts, pinching myself with snap ring pliers, etc etc somehow i manage to do it lol.

im bored around home though... i can't wait to go back to skool again...


i feel....

i don't know what i feel...

i don't feel anything...

at least nothing that i'm supposed to......

call me if you feel like talking...

god knows i could use it... although i won't talk about anything....

its nice just to hear someone's voice on the other end though


i just need someone to hold me so bad right now....



so i've been back at work for a week now... it is still a little confusing... hopefully it will get better as the term progresses

not much else to say... went to a concert friday night with the guys, had a blast, couldn't hear for about 2 days afterwards. still slowly unpacking from school...

need some people to hang out with, so hit me up!


so i haven't updated this in a long while...

today was my third day of work...

tomorrow i have to put a clutch/coupling together...

today i got to help do a vehicle evaluation... yah it was cool

i feel fat and icky... i need to go on a diet, exercise, lose alot of weight...

although it doesn't really matter in the end... other people say i look fine (although i don't believe it)... and no matter how much i lose, it will never be enough... i'll still think i look fat....


i wish i could have conversations in only song titles...


never forget what you mean to some one. everyone is important to someone. so don't forget that they care...



the beast is back in business!

in other words, i got my laptop back


i can't wait for this term to be over, but at the same time i'm dreading the end of it.

i'm already obsessing over the new job, but i'll do fine, i hope...

weekends have been fun up @ school, but there's so much drama lately, its ridiculous hehe...

busy busy busy!


So semi-formal didn't happen this weekend after all. I'm very glad that I didn't go out and buy a dress after all. I am kind of disappointed though, seeing as how since my boy will be graduating after this term, I won't really have another chance to go...

Almost valentines day, lets hope it is a wonderful day :)


not much is going on...
lots on my mind, lots of school work to do, so definitely keeping busy...

i've gotten two job offers, but i still have more interviews to go :)

there is a *certain* someone who's been on my mind alot lately, i can't get him out of my head in fact :-D


This is hopefully going to be a great week!

Yesterday got off to a rough start, but ended up buying concert tickets for today, and spending some quality time with my guys and my boy.

I adopted a new freshie, so now i have two at kettering :-D

Going to see Fort Minor tonight with Ben, going to some irish pub thing in canada friday with Michael and some other people, Powerman 5000 on the 25th with Carson, MikeR, Ben, and some other people, Semiformal is next weekend, and might be going to see Hinder on Valentines day.

BTW, sooooo HOT right now :)


hi everybody!

i haven't updated in awhile... what have yoooou been up to? schools been going ok, kinda stressful... but ok :)

signed my lease for next year, and finally after more than two weeks have actual internet. i was going crazy there....



So i am back in Flint-town, i actually had a pretty good night :). We left late from LO because of all the ice and yucky weather down there. Got everything in the apartment by 2-ish, went grocery shopping @ meijers. Mommy left around 5-ish. Ate dinner, unpacked my room, and hung out with the roomies until 7 or so. Went to the house to watch my baby unpack his room and play with my legos, heh :). Left and went back to my apartment around 9 or 9:30, ate random snacks and hung out with Nate some more. Planned on going to bed @ 11, ended up going back to the house and Rube's instead, I got to be the driver. Hung out with my baby, Glen, Pap, and an Alumni @ Rube's. Dropped everyone off and went home to my apartment and to bed.

So yah pretty fun night in all :)


WV was fun, only 3 more days until school starts again!