i'm beginning to think that this week will never end...

i'm working 6-2:30 today, then i've got an interview @ 4:00, then the viewing until 8:00. then dinner and home to bed.

tomorrow i'm probably working 6-1, then the funeral @ 2:30.

then friday maybe work @ 6 don't know yet, then canada after work!!

8 songs i'm still liking
1. sophomore slump or comeback of the year - fall out boy
2. papercuts - gym class heroes
3. grand theft autumn - fall out boy
4. jude law and a semester abroad - brand new
5. swing life away - rise against
6. change - good charlotte
7. one headlight - the wallflowers
8. dance dance - fall out boy

is it saturday yet?

merry christmas everybody

2, 5, 17 days left

call me please, i have minutes to use up and i'm bored beyond belief...

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