its all starting to catch up with me. but don't worry, i'll be ok... i always am.

it has been a long week, but at least its thursday!

my interview went well. Hopefully i'll get a call back!

i miss you, call me please...

1, 4, and 16 more days


i'm beginning to think that this week will never end...

i'm working 6-2:30 today, then i've got an interview @ 4:00, then the viewing until 8:00. then dinner and home to bed.

tomorrow i'm probably working 6-1, then the funeral @ 2:30.

then friday maybe work @ 6 don't know yet, then canada after work!!

8 songs i'm still liking
1. sophomore slump or comeback of the year - fall out boy
2. papercuts - gym class heroes
3. grand theft autumn - fall out boy
4. jude law and a semester abroad - brand new
5. swing life away - rise against
6. change - good charlotte
7. one headlight - the wallflowers
8. dance dance - fall out boy

is it saturday yet?

merry christmas everybody

2, 5, 17 days left

call me please, i have minutes to use up and i'm bored beyond belief...


you know, i'm really going to miss this place....

3 more days.


4 more days of work (after today)
7 days until WV
19 more days until school

i'll be counting down these days...



so far i've had two interviews, and i'm in the process of setting up a third.

so far i've interviewed with
- H.P. Pelzer Automotive
- TRW Steering and Suspension

and i'm setting up one with
- Vconverter Corp.

including today i have only 8 more actual days of work, 13 days until WV, and 25 days until i move back into school... and it couldn't come soon enough...


i've been reading the dilbert blog alot lately (found here) its actually pretty interesting and fairly well written.

leave me some comments or something, i'm bored...


howdy people!

i have another interview tomorrow, wish me luck!

i'm interviewing with TRW Steering and Suspension in Sterling Heights. means i need to wake up early tomorrow cuz i want to be @ work by 6 so i can work from 6-2 (7.5 hours) tomorrow and then 6:30-3:30 wednesday (8.5 hours) to make up for the hour i'm missing tomorrow.

fun fun i sure am excited!

<3 you


i can not WAIT until canada. should be an.. uh... interesting times :)