if you knew that today was going to be your last day, that today was they day you were going to die, what would you do? what would you say, who would you say it to, would you care what they thought?

i think about strange things....


every time i talk to you, i end up upset and depressed... so why do i bother?

and no this probably isn't who you think it is...


it's been awhile since i posted...

so i guess the biggest thing that's happened lately is that my co-op job with Ford got cut. it sucks, but its also kind of a blessing in disguise, this way i can get another job that is possibly closer and that actually involves some engineering. i'm gonna miss everyone there though...

windsor with the electricians on 12/23 can't wait!!!

The Night 89x stole Christmas 8 on 12/1, also can't wait!!!




i need to snap out of it, get a new outlook on life. i'm not lonely, (at least i shouldn't be) i have plenty of people around me that care about me and love me...

so why am i?
2 four day weeks, 1 three day week, then 3 five day weeks, and i'm DONE!!!

the highlight of my day today? having a conversation with Chris, aka the hot tryout guy. (yes i do have a crush, but its harmless, so don't worry)

other than that (with a few exceptions) blah...

i'm just in a blah ind of mood... i want to do something exciting, something fun, something outrageous, i want to shake things up a bit

anybody with me?


i need to hear "i love you" every day, cuz yes, i am THAT insecure :)