so i called four people tonight... only one answered the phone :(

where are all you people...

so many plans the next two weekends, so little time!

blah blah blah

i had to present during the business review today at work, not good. luckily it went pretty well though, my boss was happy, thats all that counts! i was very nervous though!

so what do you all (all none of you) think of the revamped template? standard blogger templates aren't usually my designs of choice, but until i can learn how to do it myself... it'll have to do. i like it, its blue and grey, and pretty!


oh BTW i got a 91% on my physics test, eh that'll do... beats KU phys grades hands down!

i'm rambling...

someone call me (just not when i'm at work) so i don't have to talk to myself anymore... please?

and you four... CALL ME BACK!

love always,



  1. I like the new blog template. I'll give you a call this weekend...if you want :D