So as of today i have been working at DT&D for exactly one year, albeit three months at a time :-P

only one month and eight days left to go... be prepared to see a running countdown as time goes on.

you know, im still not sure how i'm going to work this yet... my class at OCC and my Diff Eq class @ KU overlap for about 3-4 weeks. Diff Eq is from 4:40-5:40, Physics is from 5 o'clock on.

maybe i can go to the earlier class twice a week for four weeks :-
i'm kinda bored today, work is slower than usual. although i should go see someone about that ECPL placard... hmmmm

class tonight from 5-8, we had monday off, so there's no lab. yay! i have to finish my homework before class starts though... eeek!

so friday i hung out with jake, manda, and booger. we went to big boy's and then bowling (i lost every game thank you very much) then booger and i went back to my house. Dave then came over and we all watched "meet the fockers." i took him home at 1 and then went to bed. saturday i did absolutely nothing, no one was home or if they were they didn't want to do anything. sunday i had to go to my cousin's graduation party, then ended up going to the townhouse, although i spent more time lost in the car with PJ and Jordan than anything else. Monday i just hung around at home, the boy came home and i spent some time with him... thats about all.

all in all a pretty uneventful weekend.

class tonight, southgate tomorrow, boy's on friday, something this weekend... any ideas??

hmmm maybe i will call Chris tonight, i haven't talked to him in awhile... hehehe, i miss him though

oh BTW, my aunt got a big black and red nautical star on her shoulder... heh bet my stars are way better!

<3 always,

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