1. Library or Store Bought? library ( i can read more that way)
2. Sci-Fi or Fantasy? both
3. Mystery or Adventure? both
4. Comedy or Romance? comedy
5. Happy or Sad endings? both
6. Classic or Contemporary? contemporary
7. Moody or Happy? a little of both
8. Classical or Oldies? oldies
9. Choir Music or Holiday songs? holiday songs
10. With or without words? with
11. Lyrics or the sound of the music? lyrics mean more to me
12. Slow or fast? both, depends on my mood
13. Math or Science? both, unless it's physics
14. Art or Auto Shop? auto shop
15. English or History? history
16. Choir or Orchestra/Band? band
17. Business or Gym? business
18. Football or Basketball? football
19. Ice Hockey or Soccer? ice hockey
20. Dance or Figure Skating? DANCE!!!!
21. Volleyball or Tennis? tennis
22. Golf or Lacrosse? lacrosse
23. Snowboarding or Skiing? snowboarding
24. Cds or Tickets to a show? cds
25. Money or a gift? gift
26. Something Lasting or Easily Used? surprise me
27. Something Special or part of life? part of like
28. Value or Deep Meaning? deep meaning
29. The Matrix or XXX? matrix
30. Pirates of the Caribbean or Sinbad? pirates of the caribbean
31. The Ring or Panic Room? the ring
32. Sweet November or Maid In Manhattan? neither
33. Spiderman or Daredevil? spiderman
34. Chocolate or Hard Candy? hard candy
35. Reese's or Butterfinger? reese's
36. Mike and Ikes or Hot Tomales? hot tamales
37. Sour Skittles or Shocktarts? shocktarts
38. Hershey's or Crunch? hershey's
39. Janitor or Fast food restaurant clerk? janitor
40. Businessperson or artist? businessperson
41. Teacher or Computer specialist? computer specialist
42. Writer or Musician? neither
43. CEO or Independent worker? independent worker
44. Police Officer or Reporter? police officer
45. Paris or London? paris
46. Egypt or Saudi Arabia? egypt
47. Russia or China? russia
48. Republic of Congo or Ecuador? ecuador
49. Mexico or Canada? canada
50. New York or Los Angeles? new york

Nickname: kimie, kimkat, kk, DW
Age: 18 (i'm legal!)
School: Kettering University
Location: Lake Orion, Flint, Dearborn
Color Of Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10-5'11
Shoe Size: 9.5-10
Brothers/Sisters: 1 unfortunately
Who Lives With You: parents and brother until 7/9 then my roomates
Whens Your Bedtime: 9:30 during work term, N/A during school term
Do You have any piercings or tattoos? yes ;)
------------Have You Ever------------
Been So Drunk You Black Out: probably
Missed School Cuz it Rained: nope, this in Michigan, we don't miss school for anything
Put A Body Part On Fire For Amusement: no
Been Hurt Emotionally: yes
Had An Imaginary Friend: probably at some time
Wanted To Hook Up With A Friend: yah...thats for sure
Cried During A Movie: yup
Had A Crush On A Teacher: yah
Ever Thought An Animated Character Was Hot: ew no
Had A New Kids On The Block Tape: nope
Been On Stage: many many times....
Cut Your Own Hair: a few
Been Sarcastic: who me? definitely
Shampoo: anything fruity or minty
Soap: whatever is in the shower
Colour: blue, green, red, orange
Night/Day: night
Summer/Winter: summer
Lace or Satin: lace
Chartoon Characters: spongebob!
Fave Food: everything
Fave Advertisments: none
Fave Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip
Fave Subject: math, science, tech (just not physics)
Fave Drink: coke... with or without something to mix in
Fave Person To Talk To Online: my boys <3
--------------Right Now------------
Wearing: pink polo shirt and grey and pink plaid (yes plaid) pants
Hair Is: messy like usual
I'm Feeling: sleepy
I'm Eating: crackers
I'm Drinking: rock and rye
Thinken 'Bout: my boys <3<3<3
Listening To: r&b oldies
Talking To: Shelia (my co-worker)
------------Last Time You-----------
Cried: last term sometime
Worn A Skirt: last week
Met Someone New: when physics @ OCC started
Cleaned Your Room: 3 months ago at least
Drove A Car: 7 hours ago
------------Do You Believe In-----------
Yourself: eh
Your Friends: always
Santa Claus: hehe
Tooth Fairy: of course
Ghosts: sometimes
Angels: don't know
UFO's: yah
---------------Friends And Life----------
Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend: kinda, maybe, not sure
If YES, Who?: hehehe
If NO, do you have a Crush? DEFINITELY
Who Have You Known For The Longest Time?: manda
Who's The Shyest: manda
Who's The Weirdest: my boys
Who Do You Go To For Advice: jakers
Who Do You Cry With: a few
When Did You Cry The Most: too many reasons, too many times
Whats The Best Feeling In The World: being loved
Worst Feeling: letting someone down
What are you doing next?: finding out a part number

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