you know i love you guys right?

im bored.. and have a headache...i think i need a good cuddle, that will take care of it ;) (hint hint hint)

my first class at OCC was yesterday (monday) i swear it was like being in middle school again. three hours of nothing but scientific method, scientific notation, and converting from feet to meters. THREE HOURS!!!

on another note it was funny to hear all the kids complain about "oh no, this class is gonna be so hard, its only 12 weeks, we don't have time to waste"

...dude, people relax... its a twelve week class with 6 hours of lecture and 2 hours of lab a week. for those of you that don't know kettering only has 11 week classes (of which only about 10-ish are actual classes, the last one is exams) and we only had 4 hours of lecture and 2 hours of class a week. suck it up, geez!

i was quite amused to say the least... hehehe

five hours of class tomorrow (three hour lecture and two hour lab) fun fun fun

i wish it was friday, and saturday, and sunday...

hope i get to stay overnight after cedar point...

<3, hugs and kisses


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