more lists lets see how about one for every day i've missed...that means what 5 lists then + one for today, thats 6 total... oh boy

3 reasons cedar point is awesome
1. it has lots of spinny rides
2. it's in ohio
3. i like spinny rides

4 reasons i like DSL
1. its better than dial up
2. doesn't shut down randomly like my magic internet
3. much much faster
4. did i mention its not dial up?

6 movies i like right now
1. hitchikers guide to the galaxy
2. ocean's eleven
3. ocean's twelve
4. fight club
5. snatch
6. office space

5 things on my mind right now
1. boys
2. other boys
3. the boy
4. 42
5. TNT (tuesday night tigers)

3 things i did at work today
1. hide from my boss
2. work on layouts
3. make labels

8 things i feel like doing right now (in no particular order)
1. cuddling
2. kissing someone
3. watching a movie
4. another kiss
5. eating a popsicle
6. eating anything
7. drinking a coke
8. kissing that person another time

yay thats all six

anyone wanna be one of my eight things?

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