I went and saw house of wax yesterday... scared me out of my mind. i'm just weird like that, you see, i like scary movies alot, but i always get to scared... ALWAYS

heh like the time we watched the ring in my room and all got scared, so went to taco bell then written up when we got home.. that was fun! (believe it or not)

yah... anyhoo

i wish it was friday/saturday woohoo can't wait!! concert then cedar point, what could be better? true i have to miss my cousin's baby shower, but still its worth it!

i think my punctuation might actually be getting slightly better, hey at least i'm using some now. before i didn't use ANY!!! no all i need to work on is the capitalization bit... eh maybe later hehe

its mothers day, so happy mothers day mom!!

love you guys,


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