concert on friday was AWESOME!!! there were so many little (ie 10-14 year olds) kids there, but it was still fun! the only not fun part was that it rained alot and blankets, tarps, and umbrella's were not allowed...oh well, i still had fun!

saturday i went to my cousins baby shower, then was supposed to go party at the TH for james bday.

well i met the guys at a bar in pontiac, but it was a $15 cover charge, so we left before i got in. We wandered around downtown pontiac for a bit, then went to taco bell and back to the TH. there we watched some crazy drugged up movie, then the bday boy and broyles and all them came home... i got tackled, someone stole a road construction barrel... it got puked in, and the guys to tried to convince me to let them pour the "birthday" champagne down my cleaveage, so they could drink it... maybe if i wouldn't of had to leave so soon... lol

over all, it was a fun night... even though i got locked out of my house (seriously, who locks the deadbolt when your 18 year old daughter isn't home... who cares if it was 3 am)

physics update tomorrow, i promise

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