"Too many girls at kettering have IPS...but they only get IPS because of the guys. If they ignored the ugly ones the same way they got ignored before kettering we'd have no problem. Look for the girls at other schools. Kettering girls are like parking spaces...all the good ones are taken and all the rest are handicapped."

wow... i think i should be offended by that.. however i am not because it is SO COMPLETELY TRUE!!!



i dunno just felt like saying wow...

i KILLED my physics test, and by killed, i mean in a good way

i sure hope i aced it!!!

get to see jakers on friday, im excited, i haven't seen him since skool ended...

is it school term yet? 1 month and 14 days.... not including today...

is sad how much i'm looking forward to it :D

i am a dork though

love you...

due to an EXTREME lack of interest, i am deleting the team site...

if you really want it to stay, email me and convince me why


ok i promised a physics update..

why couldn't our phys teacher at KU grade like this teacher i have at OCC, 87+ is an A, 65 is a C... I COULD OF PASSED WITH A C!! grrrrr....

i am doing much better this time around, i actually understand it alot better... who would've thought??

anyway these lyrics are stuck in my head

" Cause the feeling that I feel within
No other man would ever make me feel so right
Its nice to smile when I get your phone call at night
But I'd rather have you here with me, right next to me
I miss the way you hold me tight"

"seven years later he works as a waiter
She married a trucker and he's never there
the story never changes, just the names and faces
like Tommy and Gina they're living on a prayer"

my ideal boy would do these things...
-love me unconditionally, cuz face it, i do stupid things sometimes
-care about me more that just to get in my pants
-make me feel pretty and sexy, not fat and ugly
-and someone i can do the same for...

anybody up for it??


concert on friday was AWESOME!!! there were so many little (ie 10-14 year olds) kids there, but it was still fun! the only not fun part was that it rained alot and blankets, tarps, and umbrella's were not allowed...oh well, i still had fun!

saturday i went to my cousins baby shower, then was supposed to go party at the TH for james bday.

well i met the guys at a bar in pontiac, but it was a $15 cover charge, so we left before i got in. We wandered around downtown pontiac for a bit, then went to taco bell and back to the TH. there we watched some crazy drugged up movie, then the bday boy and broyles and all them came home... i got tackled, someone stole a road construction barrel... it got puked in, and the guys to tried to convince me to let them pour the "birthday" champagne down my cleaveage, so they could drink it... maybe if i wouldn't of had to leave so soon... lol

over all, it was a fun night... even though i got locked out of my house (seriously, who locks the deadbolt when your 18 year old daughter isn't home... who cares if it was 3 am)

physics update tomorrow, i promise


awesome songs
1. fourteen- vandals
2. punk rock 101-bowling for soup
3. bombshell-powerman 5000
4. BYOB-system of a down
5. beautiful-social code

im bored...

concert tomorrow, baby shower, garage sales, bday party


no more CP :(

oh well
you know i love you guys right?

im bored.. and have a headache...i think i need a good cuddle, that will take care of it ;) (hint hint hint)

my first class at OCC was yesterday (monday) i swear it was like being in middle school again. three hours of nothing but scientific method, scientific notation, and converting from feet to meters. THREE HOURS!!!

on another note it was funny to hear all the kids complain about "oh no, this class is gonna be so hard, its only 12 weeks, we don't have time to waste"

...dude, people relax... its a twelve week class with 6 hours of lecture and 2 hours of lab a week. for those of you that don't know kettering only has 11 week classes (of which only about 10-ish are actual classes, the last one is exams) and we only had 4 hours of lecture and 2 hours of class a week. suck it up, geez!

i was quite amused to say the least... hehehe

five hours of class tomorrow (three hour lecture and two hour lab) fun fun fun

i wish it was friday, and saturday, and sunday...

hope i get to stay overnight after cedar point...

<3, hugs and kisses



I went and saw house of wax yesterday... scared me out of my mind. i'm just weird like that, you see, i like scary movies alot, but i always get to scared... ALWAYS

heh like the time we watched the ring in my room and all got scared, so went to taco bell then written up when we got home.. that was fun! (believe it or not)

yah... anyhoo

i wish it was friday/saturday woohoo can't wait!! concert then cedar point, what could be better? true i have to miss my cousin's baby shower, but still its worth it!

i think my punctuation might actually be getting slightly better, hey at least i'm using some now. before i didn't use ANY!!! no all i need to work on is the capitalization bit... eh maybe later hehe

its mothers day, so happy mothers day mom!!

love you guys,



5 things that i need to do more often
1. update this on a regular basis
2. just write in general
3. organize things (aka write lists)
4. be around people that like me for who i am
5. be myself

anyhoo, so whats new with all you people? i'm going to try and update this at least 3 times a week. lets see how that goes...

my class at OCC starts monday, i'm kinda nervous though. even at kettering, i at least knew people in the school, and i had a chance to meet people from my classes before they started (as in Jason) as long as i pass though, i'll be happy!

i saw Sin City a few weeks ago and i just saw Hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy on monday. I have read the 4-part trilogy (and yes i said that right) and loved it, so the movie was awesome too!

we just got DSL, well technically we've had it for a week, but it finally started working monday. all i can say is YAY!!!!

but yah...

things are a little complicated right now...im starting to go back to my old ways of worrying about all the little things (especially the insignificant details and things that i have no control over) then i stress myself out to the point where i either make myself sick, or i can't function.

but enough about me, how are all of you doing? i miss you guys so much, and i havent heard from very many of you either... remember guys, Keep In Touch...

oh and if you happen to come to kettering next term, or if you are already there, you should come visit me in our apartment... it'll be awesome!

miss you guys, give me a call, drop me an email, send me an IM do something!

miss you tons..



more lists lets see how about one for every day i've missed...that means what 5 lists then + one for today, thats 6 total... oh boy

3 reasons cedar point is awesome
1. it has lots of spinny rides
2. it's in ohio
3. i like spinny rides

4 reasons i like DSL
1. its better than dial up
2. doesn't shut down randomly like my magic internet
3. much much faster
4. did i mention its not dial up?

6 movies i like right now
1. hitchikers guide to the galaxy
2. ocean's eleven
3. ocean's twelve
4. fight club
5. snatch
6. office space

5 things on my mind right now
1. boys
2. other boys
3. the boy
4. 42
5. TNT (tuesday night tigers)

3 things i did at work today
1. hide from my boss
2. work on layouts
3. make labels

8 things i feel like doing right now (in no particular order)
1. cuddling
2. kissing someone
3. watching a movie
4. another kiss
5. eating a popsicle
6. eating anything
7. drinking a coke
8. kissing that person another time

yay thats all six

anyone wanna be one of my eight things?