sorry i haven't posted in soooo long

anyhoo, i'm back from vacation, so im tan and all that good stuff. Tigers game on friday (most likely), dance show on thursday, follow up @ the docs wednesday, party at the townhouse saturday... we all caught up?


i've got songs sstuck in my head, i miss my boys, and im sleepy...

god i hate being sick!

im completely random today... facebook roxzor, yes roxzor...hehe,

i get to go in late on friday so i can stay over for part of the afternoon shift to work on "this chart shit" as my kinda boss, John the supervisor, put it... good thing i like making charts!

i love you, i miss you, ALL YOU GUYS GIVE ME A CALL!!

and im out

ps- you can totally see my bra through my shirt today, heh

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