well back to skool in T-16 days (approx)

its sad how much i'm looking forward to this, lol. but then again, most people probably are.

i think i want to go somewhere for spring break this year. i won't get to go on our family vacation, so i'll either have to save up enough money or talk my parents into paying for at least part of it... any ideas where we all should go? i was thinking Virginia Beach, but that'd be alot more fun once i'm old enough to drink and go out to the bars (...legally that is...) anyone who wants to go could go... c'mon it'll be fun.

i also need to find someone to live with next year, cuz there is no way in hell i'm commuting from home! haha

but yah my birthday is in 7 months, 3 days, 9 hours, and 25 minutes... give or take a few minutes... i'll be 19, so i say canada anyone?

i love all of you...

oh yah i almost forgot... Amanda and I were looking up pictures of the FIJI guys last night. They are definitely HOT!!! lol i was telling someone else (also from KU) about that and they though we meant fiji as in the country, not fiji as in the fraternity... lol that made my day

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