So I was kinda lonely yesterday, not sure why... which ended up in my calling random people to see if they wanted to come over, and then calling a certain random someone at least 3 times leaving some pretty pathetic messages that probably sounded something like this:

"hey its me, I'm bored and just thought i'd give you a call, im driving home, well i was at home, then i left, and now im on the way home again and i'd ask you what you were doing, but its kinda hard to have a coversation with you voicemail cuz it doesn't answer back, and well i guess just call me later."

"hey its kim again, just wanted to see if you wanted to come over and hang out or something, no one's home and i'm kinda bored. ummm just call me back later then i guess as long as it isn't too late, but i'll probably be up until 10ish...sooo yah"

"hey its me, i'm kinda lonely so i thought i'd see if you want to come over, but i guess not its getting kinda late, so i guess i'll just talk to you tomorrow..."

pathetic eh? so needless to say i did nothing yesterday. i talked to Clint yesterday online, then i got bored so i went to the library (i know im such a dork) then i got home and read a book and a half, had tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner since my parents were gone at my bro's wrestling meet (hmmm hot guys in tight clothes...hmmm) then took a bath and went to bed.. lame lame lame...

so i've made a vow not to call my certain random someone until i can control myself, not leave pathetic messages, and convince myself of the fact that i don't need to talk to them every day... or before i go to bed... or in the middle of the night... or on my way home from work... or on the way to work at 5:30 in the morning cuz i am their wake up call... etc etc etc... they can call me for once...

on yah i left them two text messages too...i gotta get this under control...

love me always, cuz i love all of you...except for you and you and you

PS- oh yah i almost forgot to mention this... you'll never guess who i got a phone call from last night after i got out of the bathtub and while i was on the phone with the boy?? yup thats right KYLE! i have to say, even though we're working/worked things out, i never expected to have him call me, at least not yet...hmmm wow

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