ok...so apparently i'm going to post at least once a day, well days that i'm at work at least.

OMG am i actually using punctuation? must be that work thing rubbing off on me, cuz i never normally do. Actually if i think about it, it has been easier to write emails and such without having to think about putting in the proper capital letters, punctuation, and spellings of words. damn, whats happening.

eh oh well...


i've been hyper and tired beyond belief all at the same time lately. How, i have no idea because logically i shouldn't be able to be both at the same time, but since when am i ever logical? exactly...

DANCE TEAM SHOW DECEMBER 16... well i think thats when it is anyway... i haven't seen the girls dance since the homecoming game, and they were really good then so i can't wait to see what the show brings!
you know... i really miss dance, as much as i complained about it sometimes, i really miss it. Maybe not the 5 practices a week plus studio classes once a week, but still. I wish i could find another studio in Flint, because i can drive up to flint for a 6 0'clock class from work every week, but i can't drive to LO every week when i'm at skool. that sucks though, cuz i really liked my old studio LA dance.. oh well, guess i'll have to see what i can do!

i love you all, except for you and you and you...

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