ok guys, since i just wrote a scholarship essay about this, i thought i'd post (an edited) copy of what i had to say...

my ode to guy friends (not the real title, but you get the point)

"Throughout my whole life, most of my friends have been guys, we just seem to get along better, fight less, and generally just be better friends. Most of the other girls that I know are mean and petty (or so it seems to me). They hold grudges, fight amongst one another, and just aren’t really that nice to each other.
Guy friends are friends of a different sort, when I am with them they treat me like one of the guys. To them we're all the same and everything is forgiven and forgotten. They don't feel slighted if I forget to call them, or if I don't invite them to go somewhere with me. I wouldn't trade them for any other friend in the world"

just thought you guys might like that...

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