I can not wait to go back to school... i think that this term is going to be even more fun than the last!!!
My list of things that i want to accomplish this upcoming term:

1. actually do all of my homework, especially calc!
2. party just a teensy-bit list ( i already know that this is something i'm not going to follow through on...)
3. join some clubs (such as SWE, ASME, etc)
4. look into my dual degree? (go Imaginary Engineering!)
5. find some place to live next term... (Michael and Ian sounds like the best bet...and by Ian i mean Cornelius from Nome)
6. [insert thing i forgot here]

i have so many plans already for this term...

I (kinda) got invited to Ohio for a night-or-two the 1st actual weekend after classes, and i really wanted to go...but i kinda forgot about monster jam...but then again, if we don't get tickets, then it won't matter!

speaking of monster jam...that is so much fun, and the guy who drives Blue Thunder (a ford truck of course!) is HOT!!!

speaking of HOT guys, Laura and I have been hitting on a very hot friend of stash's...im horrible i know...but stash does know about it!

and no, im not doing the passive-aggressive thing, i just don't feel like going back and fixing all of my capitalization mistakes...

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