hey everybody...

since today officially sucks, im just going to post about 15 redneck jokes (its ok, im allowed to my bf is a redneck...majorly!)

you might be a redneck if...
...you have ever valet parked a snow plow
...taking your girlfriend on a cruise meant circling the Dairy Queen
...you can't visit your relatives without getting mud on your tires
...you've ever been blacklisted by a bowling alley
...you've ever had to turn around your pickup truck because of bridge clearance restrictions
...you drive across town to see a car wreck
...you have more electronice equipment in your truck than your house
...your favorite t-shirt is declared offensive in at least 13 states
...you are driving a car with no original body parts
...you quit your job cuz "deer season is a-fixin' to start"
...you've ever been hunting on a tractor
...you've ever laid rubber while traveling in a funeral procession
...your tires are worth more than your truck
...you've ever had a conversation about truck tires that has lasted more than an hour
...the hood of your truck is higher than the roof of your house


in other news, school starts up again on the 10th. thank god for that. i miss all my friends from there that i haven't seen in awhile now. and hey Aeren, if you ever come back up to KU, you should stop in an say hi! lol

i miss you boys...

love you all,

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