i should really stop the survey thing, but they're so stupid that they're fun! anyhoo

sometimes i'm so immature i can't believe it. heh, but sometimes its called for. hehe

i'm sure that none of you really want to know this, but i feel like sharing anyway, especially since there are only so many times that i can share with the boy, i don't think he really cares at this point.. so yah, i bought a new bra yesterday, its pretty i love it. Its one of the victoria secret's very sexy collection no padding push-up ones (i need all the help i can get, lmao) its black and kinda lacy and see-through and such... i like it... as some of you know, for all the guys who mistakenly opened the wrong drawer in my dorm room, i like bras, especially pretty ones that are all different colors, so i have alot..hehe.. i'm sure you'll all love that visual in your head.

Aren't you glad i shared? leave me a comment and let me know!!

on to the survey...

First real kiss: in front of my front door
First job: Ford motor company co-op
First screen name: cutiebug
First self-purchased album: can't even remember
First funeral: my nana's
First pet: Kitty and max.
First piercing: ears at age 8
First true love: i'd like to think i'm in love...
First big trip: does alabama count?
Last big car ride: this morning on the way to work almost an hour! otherwise going to Rockford to see Pinky, Noel, and Adam
Last kiss: hmmm, saturday i believe...thats way to long ago if i do say so myself
Last good cry: not since that night after the party @ the green house
Last movie seen: elf and some vin diesel thing
Last beverage drank: water and faygo red pop
Last food consumed: sprees and the yucky macaroni and cheese i had for lunch
Last phone call: called the boy during lunch, and my boss called a little bit ago
Last TV show watched: i watched drawn together last night at 1 am
Last shoes worn: i've got work shoes on now, ugh, i'd give anything for my chucks or my docs
Last CD played: linkin park-meteora
Last item bought: ritz-bits, goldfish, and redpop
Last disappointment: thats for me to know
Last soda drank: faygo redpop
Last ice cream eaten: vanilla
Last shirt worn: at the moment, pink sweater...last t-shirt, black and green dance clinic shirt

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