I had an awesome weekend

just thought you might like to know...

so yes, details... I went to Rockford on friday to go and see Noel and Pinky and go to the Wailers concert. I gotta tell you, it was better than i thought it was going to be! turns out pinky lives in Waterford, not that far away from me! but anyway, we went to the intersection to see the wailers, hung out in the ghetto lounge for a bit, ended up back at Noel's house. Noel, Pinky, Adam, and me drove together, and we met another of their friends @the concert. I don't know where Adam disappeared off to after we got back though. We were going to have a bonfire, but we were all to cold and tired (it was 2 am by this point) so we had a fire inside instead and started watching the fifth element (i love that movie) i started falling asleep part way through it, Pinky DID fall asleep and Noel was getting sleepy, so we let Pinky stay asleep and the rest of us fell asleep in Noel's room. After all of us went to bed (well except for Pinky) no one was tired anymore so we ended up staying awake until about 7 am. then we got up at 10...

I had so much fun though, and i really missed Noel and Pinky, Noel especially. hopefully i'll get to see him again sometime, otherwise guess i'll have to wait until school starts!

love all of you,


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