am i good or what? i predicted that my econ test would take me between 23 and 27 minutes. I took it in exactly 25. haha, thats awesome, i am very proud of myself, now just as long as i do a decent job on it...:(


I could swear my econ teacher just said booty...


wow...my mommy's really mad at me. I don't mean to use my phone soo much. it just kind of happens.

seems i used 610 primetime minutes last month. we only have 500 anytime minutes. oops...

well i have my own plan now

uh-oh...don't be mad at me, it was an accident, really!


so maybe i'm not so pissed anymore...

new friends are awesome. very awesome.

here's to interesting experiences!!

hey im going to open the team blog to new members. anyone (hopefully someone) who wants to be a part, leave me a comment or email me and i'll get you set up


i'll admit it, i'm PISSED OFF.

you knew the circumstances when you got involved...

i don't trust myself to talk to you in person or on the phone, you won't respond to my IM's, and apparently you aren't going to respond to my emails either.

ALL that stuff you said hurt, a lot... and now i just don't know what, if anything, to do.

if you can't be my friend anymore thats your decision, if you can thats all great.

No matter what things will be different now. They've changed. And there's nothing that can change that.

let me know if you when you want your chem book back. i guess i'll just give it back to you whenever i see you, unless you let me know otherwise...


Fourth week has started.
I've already failed one calc test
-well technically i got a 72 on it, but i consider that since before it was curved i got a 27/60 i FAILED.

Oh well.
Gotta go do extra credit on saturday
-im going to be a greeter for "Discover Kettering"
...hey i'll take my extra credit any way i can get it...well almost ;)

cribs save lives.
-well mine at least...