it over, done, finished, FOREVER...

and not just for the seniors this time

OSMTech is going to be permanently closed after the conclusion of the school year.

I found this out in a letter from Oakland Schools that i received yesterday...yah they're reallll sorry...

Hopefully we can figure out where all the teachers have gone so that we can find them next year...


i get to retake my drug test today...

then tomorrow i get to go to orientation for my co-op job...*actually turns out that it was next tuesday...im such a loser*

i start next tuesday...that'll be fun...actually at least i'll have money then,cuz i'm broke now...

damn headache...

i love you and you and you

ps- this is stash, isn't he weird?


all i have to say is



only five more days of OTC, that i am required to attend, and about 8-9 days of LO...thank god for that!!

i went to go see Troy last night...it was pretty kool...and now i can get my extra credit for English, which might i add, i really really need!

Its a sign! it's ironic that i just happened to flip through race cars (drag racing) and baseball (Tigers) while he was over... wish i knew what that meant!

tonight is the senior-send-off at OSMTech...we're having it at Oakland Schools...damn them...lol...

guess this means i shoud start my stats project!


yah so Bret's not here today...although i'm not sure if that's unfortunately or not...i think so though...blah blah blah...i'm rambling...oh yah and unless you guys are a certain person or two who-shall-not-be-named then you don't have to worry about the capitalization thing...lol ok?

i love everyone, except for some of you!


so yah, i'm in oracle class.

hey have you ever been mad at someone, so you refer to them in lowercase letters because you feel they aren't a person/proper noun so they don't deserve it?

thats my passive-agressive way of revenge. except i also out of habit 'forget' to use capitals most of the time...so only certain people know if it is an accident or on purpose...

i love being passive-aggressive

i love you all, except for you and you and you...just kidding


whats that you say? time for another random question? maybe someone will answer this one this time...

"if penguins say 'penguin' then why doesn't Kurt say 'kurt'?"

stupid i know...

but yah so i'm in MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) and i'm 'learning' powerpoint, hah...! i'm hyper, and tired..and caffinated!

i love you,
.. well some of you...


today i had my ford interview...it went awesome to say the least

damn this headache though!

but anyway, we were going to get to ride in Bret's fairlane tomorrow, but its actually and OTC day and they're still going to LO, so i don't get to any more, but hey i'll live!

why did they have to put the enter key next to the apostrophe? i always hit the wrong one...damn

anyhoo its time for random questions o' the day!

"if you could be any type of automobile, what type would you be? BE SPECIFIC!!" -borrowed from Kyle

i would like to be a f-250 superduty XLT...cuz then i'd be awesome!

what about you? email me or comment or something...just let me know


you know you want me baby
you know I want you too
they call me superman
I'm here to rescue you