Eh, caseville was fun. Oh by the way, i think that i have gone insane. I'm in 10 dances in the spring show. here's a list:
1. My Tap Group
2. Casey's Tap Group/Trio
3. Tap Trio with Amy and Leanne
4. Tap Solo
5. Lyndsey's Modern
6. Senior Dance
7. James Bond
8. 6-8 Clinic
9. Prom Fashion Show dance
10. Mine and Lyndsey's BBall game dance

i think thats it...god i sure hope so! so yah, you people's should go...i'd say we could all hang out afterwards, but i've gotta take Stash out for his birthday(the day before). He's gonna be 20 next wednesday...damn he's old! oh well wish me luck and i hope to see you there!

love ya


well turns out I might be getting a job...hopefully...cuz I sure need one, i'm tired of being broke all the time. Spring Break starts tomorrow, too bad the only place i'm going is Caseville (and only for about 2.5 days). but anyway, certain people, they know who they are, better call me over break...ok? ALL OF YOU!!! lol well yah cya later

love you,