so much to do, so little time to do it in...ahhh the joys of being a high school senior!


so yah, i've decided its time to update. i need new song lyrics too. tap tap tap the day away. well for me at least! my dances are gonna be awesome! gotta make up that calc test on monday, and hopefully i'll do better on the bio test part eleventy-million than on the others! study study study. blah...can you tell i'm bored *winkwink*

i have 25 how many do you? (oh you know what i mean)


so tonite was the last game of the season and so the last game that the seniors would dance at ever! only a few more performances left! anyway yah so i was kinda sad tonite because of that...i could really use a hug! i only get to see stash about two or maybe doubtfully three times in the next two weeks...he blew me off for tomorrow, so only friday, mayeb sunday, and maybe a day next week...*sigh*...good thing my other guy friends actually want to hang out with me...

on a different note, my wisdom teeth come out next thursday at 9:45 am...uhoh...im nervous...and i teensy bit scared! He was telling me all the things that could go wrong...ehheheheeehehe....lol come visit/call/come over afterwards? i miss all you guys!