hey everyone...whats new? I can't wait until i get to see Kyle again! yay! anyway i hope nothings wrong with Stizash, cuz i don't think that i could take it. So have you heard the news about Holly's homecoming? apparently a few 'techies decided that everyone who wanted to could go to that homecoming so that we all could go together. I would want to go, but out of the two people that i would want to dance with most one has graduated and the other probably either won't want to or won't be able to. oh c'mon everyone we all know who i'm talking about, do i really have to mention names? so yah anyway i think i'm gonna go and visit ben at work so see y'all later!


hey everyone! whats new? OCCRA here i come! i hope its fun...maybe kinda, well as long as Mikey and Josh are there, or even Rob, then it will. for sure. HEY ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO LIVE BY ME....go to the homecoming game (oct 3) or the soccer game (oct 7) and watch us dance! cuz dance team is the best..OK>?


You know what really makes me mad? I hate not having anyone to talk to, there is NO one that i can talk to when things build up in my head, when i need help dealing with something, or when i just need to talk something out... I used to be able to do that here, but now i'm afraid that either someone i know will read it and comment, or that talking to myself just won't work anymore. So instead i keep it all inside and don't let anyone know about it, and sooner or later it all explodes out because I just can't handle it anymore...

wow am i a pathetic loser or what? i need to stop whining and solve my damn problems myself...so me a favor next time you see me, smack one. Maybe then i'll get my head on straight...