At least i think that Kyle's coming over...I hope that he can, we're painting that day, however, i don't think that i have to help! yay! oh and also yay because i don't have a black eye! (just a bruised shoulder, ankle, knee, and hip, and something's wrong with my ribs) but thats besides the point. does anyone love me anymore? doesn't seem like it, especially since no one has left me a mbaord message since the end of what 10th grade? no more messages for me... too bad...


Hey! so, i've been in school for a week, and i guess that its going ok. Buying gas officially sucks now though!think that i might have a black eye...so no one better make fun of me! not kool... our new dance for the pep assembly is so freaking awesome thoguh! it definitely rocks...all of abby's dances do! mike's not in bio anymore...i'll miss him, he's my buddy...it was going to be soo kool having him in ap with me...oh well, at least he's still in stats! oh and on another note, kyle might be coming down on monday, yay! i can't wait!


so yah i was at kettering...funfunfun! dance today, dance wednesday during which i have to skip the meeting and only go to technique, then senior pictures that night...i have to babysit tomorrow, and skool starts a week from wednesday. not kool


hey guys! guess where i'm going on saturday??? i'm going to Kettering for an open house..yay i get to hangout with Kyle and Joelle.... sweet


hey peeps yes i said peeps i am home again, and driving like you wouldn't believe!!! im bored, i got back from ben's house today and have done absolutley nothing....im just waiting for Kyle to call...:D i'm excited...i've only talked to him online a few tiems since i came home...and actually i kind of miss him, he's my new buddy...hey mike call me! we need to have another study session ok?

love you guys
email me and leave me comments...i need a topic to talk about

love you still