I can driver now!!! I am an officially licensed driver, and thank god for that! Anyway, yah i had a strange dream yesterday, and it was about kyle too! strange strange strange, *even if he's kinda cute* but enough about that! I leave on sunday, so if you want to wish me a happy birthday or have me call you while i'm up at kettering, then email me or call me or something! ok? thanks a bunch! oh wait I'm not done yet. I just want to make a statement, so that this is known. Just because I think that someone is hot or I kinda like a teensy little bit (even though i have a boyfriend myself) doesn't mean I want to act on it. It is just a harmless crush. Plus it's not like its a big secret or something, pretty much even one knows who I have a crush on at any point in time. I can't keep secrets about who I like, it just doesn't work that way.

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