hey guys! well i leave for kettering today! yay! I hope it will be fun, hmmm maybe i'll have to go visit brad while i'm there...interesting... anyway i'll be gone until August 1st! so on a side note: happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeee, happy birthday to me (july 26)


I can driver now!!! I am an officially licensed driver, and thank god for that! Anyway, yah i had a strange dream yesterday, and it was about kyle too! strange strange strange, *even if he's kinda cute* but enough about that! I leave on sunday, so if you want to wish me a happy birthday or have me call you while i'm up at kettering, then email me or call me or something! ok? thanks a bunch! oh wait I'm not done yet. I just want to make a statement, so that this is known. Just because I think that someone is hot or I kinda like a teensy little bit (even though i have a boyfriend myself) doesn't mean I want to act on it. It is just a harmless crush. Plus it's not like its a big secret or something, pretty much even one knows who I have a crush on at any point in time. I can't keep secrets about who I like, it just doesn't work that way.


I am happy again!!! after my road test being canceled due to a crack in the windshield and a nitpicky road tester, i was serously pissed. even more so when i discovered that i couldnt take it again until a month later! grrr. but now, maybe not soo much grrr! i get to take it on onday through another company, who cares if it's in ponticrack, i get to finally (hopefully) have my license!!! yay!

on a sidenote: a certain "you-know-who" needs to call me and and talk to me about a few certain "you-know-whats" and yes there are 2!!! CALL ME PLEASE!!!


wow...i think that i need to watch what i say on my site. you wouldn't think that i would considering that it is my site but i guess that since i recently found about a couple of certain people that read my site on and off, i've decided not to say anything potentialy embarassing to myself or a certain other. i know that he especially might appreciate this. i wouldn't want to offend those certain people. and for those of you that know me, i am prone to do that...so i guess i'll just have to be more careful deal?


so yah im back from dance camp...oooh....soooo sore! anyway yah i ws supposed to babysit but not until next week now! oh well, guess that i got up early for nothing! but thats ok, so yah only 19 more days until kettering and 25 more days until my birthday(not that i'll be home for it though!) love you guys!