a note to my senior buddies

STASH: so...you're graduating...im happy for you, really i am. I know that you need to start your life, and i'll support you no matter what. I promise! Just don't go off and find someone else while i'm at school/dance/OCCRA. i promise that there will always be time for us... no matter what, i'll make time if i have to. will you? i'll always love you though

BEN: well you're graduating too, and since you opted out of tech i really haven't seen you since science ended. i'll miss you next year, you've been a really good friend to me! i'm glad that i met you when i did, i probably would have met you through mikey anyway, but this way we were better friends. You've given me some greatd advice, and some other advice that even though i followed it (you know what i'm talking about) i probably shouldn't have, but all in all im glad i did! (i know i know, it was my idea in the first place!!!) Hopefully we will hang out this summer, maybe then i won't miss you quite so much.

BRAD: yah brad, i'll miss you too...i guess...i'll see you when i get to Kettering.

*not quite seniors*
MIKEY: im glad that we are going to be seniors next year, but when its all over thats going to be the hard part. MIkey i think that you might just be one of my best friends, we've gone through alot of stuff as friends haven't we. We dated (for a couple of weeks), we kinda hated each other for awhile after that, and then we were friends again. After that i liked you again, then you kinda liked me again, then we kinda liked each other. you hate my boyfriend, but we're still friends. Gotta love mikey, just can't help it! Have a great senior year!!!

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