Why the hell would you tell your girlfriend you almost cheated on her?


you gotta let me know what you wanna do though ok?



CALLME! we'll hang out over break!


anyhoo, whats new with you? gotta take another migraine pill today...only this time i actually have a headache!! at least i think i do...yummmy mountain dew too!


cows go mooooooooo

cows from my head go "mwabwahahahahahlolololheh"

see thats what caffeinated migraine pills do to you


i know you have a blog somewhere, just where is it?

oh c'mon you know you hate me too...just admit it, to everyone


well its tuesday now and there is no school! a good thing, but yet a bad thing...

you see i haven't been to OSMTech since last wednesday and i haven't been at LO since thurday, hmmmm. and that means that no one has had to take LO 3rd and 4th hour exams yet which means that wednesday (if we have skool) will be a halfday not a pd day. and thats just not right


Ok, our power went out on friday at 12 noon. so at about 7pm me and my brother went to my boyfriend's house (he had no power either but they have a generator) so from 12-6 we had no power which means water but not heat. my mom came and picked us up there at 9-9:15ish we ate dinner and went home, where the power was on for about 15 minutes (verrrrry cold nite). ok now, fast forward to saturday. another day of no power, so we were going to go stay at a hotel. i went to Stash's house while my parents and brother checked into the hotel before dinner (we were going to meet them at the restaurant) so then they call us and say "Guess what? the hotel has no power or heat either!" so we went to wooden eagle for dinner and then back to his house to get firewood. (another verrry cold nite, this time spent on the couch.) ok now, on to sunday (today), our power came back on at about 12:05 today, so yay for that! but its still cold...showering was interesting...once you were in the shower you were warm, but definitely not when you got out!


exams today musical tomorrow....hey come and see the musical next week April 10,11, and 12th!!!