Yah well lasertag sure didn't work... at least me and KP had fun! next time either i'm not inviting people who say they'll come and either cancel at the last second or don't show up and i'm setting things up at least a week in advance...now that just makes me mad, at least have the decency to call or email and say, "oh yah sorry um i can't go anymore" or SOMETHING i mean c'mon now people...grrr


hey peoples, we are gonna have some fuuuun this next week...paintball, laser tag, drew fry & KP, puttputt and who knows what else! lots o' fun! anyhoo, how many miles do you have on ya?


we did great, just like i thought we would. valentines day didn't suck quite as much as i thought it would. thats always good, do you love me? cuz i love all you, would you mind coming over to fix my hot plate?


hellllloooooo! whats up? we are gonna be awesome on friday (just to let you know) why the hell am i so damn indecisive? i think that what i'll do is wait and see if something happens between them, and if it does, i'll decide on a course of action from there, does that sound like a plan? now...should i tell him about this? lets ask our trusty FRIEND A!


valentines day is going to suck! first we had to dance at the freaking basketball game, which means that i would've been there until at least 8:30 (nows thats would've meant i'd be skool from 7:20am-8:30pm) so i really couldn't have hung out with Stash, (i'm too sleepy and worn out). Now however, that doesnt even matter cuz to top it all off he's going up north (skipping skool) to work with his dad and then staying up there all weekend to visit Greg...nevermind that he's leaving on valentines day and that the last time i will have seen him is the day before DURING skool (i have dance at skool then at the studio) thats all i wanted on valentines day was to see him and be with him, and i can't even manage that. But then again, its not like anyone else is gonna want to hang out with me that day...


yah i only have to things to say, well actually three...

A) im screwed up

B) i have giant issues

and C) "the scary part is, i think it's true"

mike: you know what that means