you don't love me anymore? When i asked you if you still loved me yesterday, i guess i don't know what i was expecting...its just that well, no matter what, no matter how mad or how upset i've ever been with you i never stopped loving you, not even for a second(i guess you could call it unconditional love in a way.) So when you said that you had to think about it and to ask you again in a few days, that hurt, it hurt like nothing else has or almost anything else could. And to make it worse, i don't even think that you realized it. But now even though you say that you made up your mind and that you still love me, i don't if i can really believe you, and that hurts too...i have no way of knowing if you really truly meant that or if it was just something you said because you knew i wanted to hear it and that it would make me feel better. And the really sad thing is that i can see where everything you said came from, and that it's true, but that still hurts...thats why i called you today, thats why now i feel the need to try and explain this to you, but can you really understand? can i explain this without causing even more problems? or am i just the problem entirely in itself? sometimes i wish you could just read this but thats not really communicating is it? and thats seems to be our problem...so no matter what i still love you, i always will, but will you love me back?

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