yah well yes i will admit i had a fight with stash, on friday. But everything is all taken care of now, everything is fine, we're all ok...thank god! it was a stupid fight too, partially over the same stupid topic we keep fightung over, mostly through a fault on my part (oopsie, my bad, did i do that?) Big Deal...im over it...no more fighting (hopefully)! anyhoo heres my schedule for the week

Monday: dance
Tuesday: dance
Wednesday:osmtech@ 7:45 to take the MichMathPrizeTestThingy, LO until 12:31, home, dance 3-4:30, babysit 6-?
Thursday:skip dance@mystudio, dance at the varsity soccer game halftime
Friday:dance at the pregame of varsity football game (maybe go see red dragon w/benT,mike,and erin...i hope...i know how stash feels about Ben though...i'll have to talk it over some more with him though)

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