well i saw jackass in sunday with stash, it was awesome, but you really have to be one of those people who like stupid dumb hilarious shit like that.. (which i am!!!!!) it was just great!!! yay...the only thing that could have made it better was if Ben and Mike were there... i was really really looking forward to that, even more than last time! oh well


wahoo three and a half day weekend! yay...heres my hopeful schedule
Thursday: exams (yucky), practice dance with Manda, dance @the studio
Friday: no skool!!! (yay), jackass w/mike,erin&ben
saturday: durand band competition



OHMYGOD i have a serious moral dilemma on my hands, actually i think that its just a dilemma at the moment though. anyhoo though do you know how much i'd love it if you would just say "go ahead, give it a shot, get it out of your system" or something of the sort? except the major problem is that it most likely wouldn't get it OUT of my system, but further ingrained in it, especially if it was found to be enjoyable...see my problem?!? the perfect solution isn't possible, actually its just wrong! But now i'm not sure what to do! do i risk jepordizing my relationship and go for it (not smart) and do i give up what could be my only chance? i don't want to break up with him, its been nine months and i love him, but what if i never find out what i'm missing? making decisions SUCKS


heh heh heh well now wasnt that conversation interesting?? that makes for the second (as of yet) *interesting* conversation today heh gotta love 'em


why is it that when i want someone to talk to, no one wants to listen? But then again , when i don't want to talk about something, everyone is all ears...? hmmm...gives me something to think about :D


well needless to say, we didnt go last night...:(...i was disappointed, i really wanted them to come, and i really wanted to go...:(


go sign my guestmap!!!! . . . please?
yup yup yup hehehehehehe now i get to leave after pregame and go see a movie with Mike, Ben and Erin (mike's gf) tomorrow!!! yay!!!


PS nine months on thursday, too bad i won't be home...hey Ben and Mike, wanna come watch the soccer game? you can see me and RachelY dance..c'mon it could be fun, please?
yah well yes i will admit i had a fight with stash, on friday. But everything is all taken care of now, everything is fine, we're all ok...thank god! it was a stupid fight too, partially over the same stupid topic we keep fightung over, mostly through a fault on my part (oopsie, my bad, did i do that?) Big Deal...im over it...no more fighting (hopefully)! anyhoo heres my schedule for the week

Monday: dance
Tuesday: dance
Wednesday:osmtech@ 7:45 to take the MichMathPrizeTestThingy, LO until 12:31, home, dance 3-4:30, babysit 6-?
Thursday:skip dance@mystudio, dance at the varsity soccer game halftime
Friday:dance at the pregame of varsity football game (maybe go see red dragon w/benT,mike,and erin...i hope...i know how stash feels about Ben though...i'll have to talk it over some more with him though)


I HATE FIGHTING sure its all ok now, but still


and who are you? i am the vice dictator of the united states of Lake Orion, who are you?


what am i thinking god damn my mind changes easily...yesterday all i wanted was stash...now i was thinking again about kissing a certain someone (oh they know who they are) what the hell is my problem...i need to straighten my mind out!