:( im not always a good girlfriend...especially since i flirt with all my guys...but hey no harm done...i can't help it..i like to...they dont seem to mind...tell me (BT im looking in ur direction) do you mind when i flirt with you?


omg i was almost ready to quit today...i'm tired of getting yelled at...im tired of not being recongized...im just tired of it all...if you want people to work with you, then yelling is the way to get it done


fine then be that way you know that i love you, but i'll be damned if you think you can tell me you know my friends better than i do. Like i said i love you, but i dont give a damn if you think that you can see through other guys fronts and tell me that you know what they are really thinking...ok? But like i said, i love you, so i can forget about all of that. Just realize that it makes me so god damn mad...ok? love always,kk


ok now...i think there *may* have been a little confusion over my story...im glad that Friend A told me that thing...i believed them the whole time...it was a rhetorical question...


DaMMiT sorry for all the swearing but would someone please leave me a god damn mesage/comment/something! anything please...oh my god...anyway though...i have a little story to tell you all

KiMS SToRy (some may recognize this from english class)

Here are two of your very best friends, Friend A and Friend B. One day, Friend A tells you something very surprising about Friend B. You are not quite sure who you should believe. Now who do you believe? Do you believe that Friend A is telling you the truth? Or do you believe with 'infinite hope' that Friend B can do no wrong and that Friend A is lying? hmmmmm?

*now doesn't that sound like something?*

in my case i believe that I am gonna go with Friend A...how about you?


oh wow would you look at that life is screwed up..lets admit it


well well well you know what i cant stand...when there are those girls who every and i do mean EVERY guy likes or at least thinks is hot. No matter what you have no chance around them...guess thats why i like all the attention i've been getting lately...just cuz i usually dont...oh well


yay!! you're coming back home today...and while its true that you only really were gone for about 3 days, i have still been bored out of my mind! some uh interesting things have happened...i cant wait to tell you about them...(actually they really arent that interesting...but you know what i mean!) i probably wont get to see you until tomorrow though..but thats ok!