well it seems that i have found out just what the consequences will be. No, i didnt act on anything if that is what all of you were thinking, i may be dumb, but im not that dumb. Yesterday on the way to the mall we had a seemingly innocent conversation, now i dont even know what started it...do you? But we somehow got on the topic of kissing a certain someone, KP to be exact (not that i ever did that) and you said that if that ever were to happen then we would be through. i took that to mean that there would be no explanations, no trying to work it out, no nothing ,and i dont want to chance that, not even the littlest bit. i asked you if you were getting bored with me, you say you arent, i can believe that i hope. But yet why are these two little things that arent even a reality, that havent happened and i can almost guarantee wont (at least not while we are still together) haunting me so much? can anyone tell me that?

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