hey everybody, whats happening? well i've only seen SF once in almost 2 weeks now...and that really sucks! if we're still dating at the end of next year i dont know if i can handle this when he goes to college. i mean i can hardly stand a couple of weeks, how am i gonna handle months at a time? this might have to end after he graduates...as selfish as it sounds i just cant deal with it! it will just be too hard i dont know who paula and greg can do it? if afraid that i might just find someine else while your gone, and i couldnt bear to do that to you...but wait im getting ahead of myself...i have a whole 'nother year, i should just enjoy it while it lasts right? dude this super sucks! if any of you people that read this (what few of you there are) see my point of disagree, leave me a comment and let me know! ok? but anyway like i said you two holly guys especially read the thing from july 20th and let me know whta u think...i really wanna know!

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