oh wow, would ya look at that Well know isnt that something? He really thinks that they would actually be dumb enough to try something...now lets think rationally here, they arent gonna do anything that they know they shouldnt, they wont pull anything, or even try to. We all can see that right? so why can't you?


ummmm yah, so the third day of skool has come and gone. all i have are boring and more than slightly easy classes. a certain someone seems to think that just becuz i joke about all my guys all the time that im playing him and have more than one boyfriend...like that could happen! i mean for all of youout there that know me, do you really believe that i could manage to pull that off? i mean c'mon, lets think rationally here!


isnt it amazing how easily everything changes? i dont think that ive ever argued so much over such stupid little things with stash as much as i did today! everything that i argued about was stupid, none of it had a point NONE OF IT!!! so what then, was the point? i dont think i ever knew. And another thing for me to worry about, do you guys think that im leading you on? you know that all i want is to be friends, everyone understands that right? im not trying to be mean, but im happy with stash, so im sorry if i mislead you in anyway ok? let me know what you think

oh wow, look at that...looks like i could of stayed in band after all...who would've known...


wow...wasnt yesterday interesting? was it just me or was there a bit of tension in the air...especially after i got so embaressed after ricks little...uh...'present'...ya know our little inside joke..."i'm cheap, but he's free everyday except easter sunday" well now i got $20 to pay him with...lol...no...anyway...i will admit..,.it was pretty funny, lets just hope my dad doesnt find out..heh...


"....and don't forget....i can make you cry..." wow what a line


hey everybody, whats happening? well i've only seen SF once in almost 2 weeks now...and that really sucks! if we're still dating at the end of next year i dont know if i can handle this when he goes to college. i mean i can hardly stand a couple of weeks, how am i gonna handle months at a time? this might have to end after he graduates...as selfish as it sounds i just cant deal with it! it will just be too hard i dont know who paula and greg can do it? if afraid that i might just find someine else while your gone, and i couldnt bear to do that to you...but wait im getting ahead of myself...i have a whole 'nother year, i should just enjoy it while it lasts right? dude this super sucks! if any of you people that read this (what few of you there are) see my point of disagree, leave me a comment and let me know! ok? but anyway like i said you two holly guys especially read the thing from july 20th and let me know whta u think...i really wanna know!


well it seems that i have found out just what the consequences will be. No, i didnt act on anything if that is what all of you were thinking, i may be dumb, but im not that dumb. Yesterday on the way to the mall we had a seemingly innocent conversation, now i dont even know what started it...do you? But we somehow got on the topic of kissing a certain someone, KP to be exact (not that i ever did that) and you said that if that ever were to happen then we would be through. i took that to mean that there would be no explanations, no trying to work it out, no nothing ,and i dont want to chance that, not even the littlest bit. i asked you if you were getting bored with me, you say you arent, i can believe that i hope. But yet why are these two little things that arent even a reality, that havent happened and i can almost guarantee wont (at least not while we are still together) haunting me so much? can anyone tell me that?